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With a name like Rebel you might think hard, callous and punishing. But the reality is Rebel is built on three principals: Strength, Balance, and Community.

We are Rebel workout because we offer classes that are dynamic and unique. We take pride in creating workouts that are designed to be challenging while still accommodating all fitness levels. Our workouts tone, tighten, and sculpt every muscle in your body, challenging you both physically and mentally. We keep our class sizes small so that we can ensure you are effectively and safely completing each exercise. Classes can fill up fast so book your spot early, and don’t forget to sign out if you can’t make it!


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Up and Over Training!! Two week plan

Up and Over -Equipment Shoes-at least two pairs to rotate Socks-good socks that wick moisture away darn tough and smart wool Shirt-wear the same type of shirts to prevent chafing Water-take water with you take small amount to start then build how much you carry Trekking poles-Incredible tools to help climbing and descending use throughout … Continue reading Up and Over Training!! Two week plan

Wine Night!!

Our First Wine Night!! With the cold days of winter upon us our beer runs are postponed until spring so why not have a wine night we say. Join us the Friday for the 5:30 express class to be followed by wine and a little wine education.

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