New clients 20 consecutive days for $20

All classes will be held at 302 Central Ave SE 

With a name like Rebel you might think hard, callous and punishing. But the reality is Rebel is built on three principals: Strength, Balance, and Community.

We are Rebel workout because we offer classes that are dynamic and unique. We specialize in functional fitness programming (exercise and workouts that enhance our life). We take pride in creating workouts that are designed to be challenging while still accommodating all fitness levels. Our workouts tone, tighten, and sculpt every muscle in your body, challenging you both physically and mentally. We keep our class sizes small so that we can ensure you are effectively and safely completing each exercise. Classes can fill up fast so book your spot early, and don’t forget to sign out if you can’t make it!

We lock our doors 5 minutes after class starts and do not open them. Please show up for your class on time to ensure you don’t get locked out.

live Heart rate monitoring

Restorative Yoga

Mat Pilates


With live heart rate monitoring in every class we can push you harder to spike your heart rate and then recover so that you get both a physical and a cardiovascular work out that is safe and effective for you. On average we burn upwards of 500+ calories in a single workout.

We want to emphasize the importance of balance in our lives. Our workouts are challenging and hard on your mind and body. We integrate restorative yoga into our schedule to help you recover from the madness. We offer a yin type yoga that is meant to stretch your muscles from the workouts and to bring your body back to whole wellness. 

Pilates is an incredible workout that really emphasizes the importance of controlling our bodies movements. Our mat pilates class focuses on the intricate details of movement, helping you build to a strong core that helps you better control your body everyday.

We offer a variety of indoor cycling classes from hill climbs, to endurance rides, to HIIT classes to our signature Lactic Threshold series. Each of these classes gives you a cardio push unlike anything else and is a low impact form of cardio on bikes that are specially designed for cyclists.

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