Give up the goal

Everyone, no matter where they are in their journey, is an athlete. Your journey has brought you here because you are ready to take the next step and find a gym that can help you with your journey. Everyday, athletes seek trainers and gyms to help find find a way to achieve their goal. Maybe that goal is a new edge, technique, or reaching a new level in their performance. Regardless of what you’re seeking, the first thing Rebel wants you to do is let go of your goal.

Strange right? But it’s important. Give it up! There is no magic number on the scale or race time that is going make your life feel more complete. If you become too focused on a number you will become overtrained which leads to injury and, for some people, emotional distress.

What happens when we give up the goal? We allow our workouts and our daily life to coexist in harmony. If we break away from a strict mindset and instead be open to having fun, we find that workouts become enjoyable. When we give up the goal, it’s found that we workout longer, and sometimes harder when we allow ourselves to enjoy the process. The process becomes apart of our life, we no longer think of it as “working out” rather we think of it as what we choose to do to.

We know that sounds crazy and maybe counteractive – like “if I don’t have a goal, I won’t do it I won’t train hard” or “I won’t push myself”.

But what actually happens when we approach training with the “goal in mind” attitude we can become overworked and critical of ourselves. We don’t allow for a rest day, we beat ourselves up for eating that piece of lasagna or not making it to the gym and it snowballs. We lose motivation, we lose the initial drive. We push so hard that we are constantly exhausted and the negative self talk takes over. We give up or we get injured.

Remember: Life doesn’t happen in a gym. Life is comprised of all the beautiful and wonderful adventures from enjoying an evening stroll with our loved ones to running our first race. Let go of the goal and embrace the process it’s not going to be easy, but in the end it’s going to life changing.

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