Up and Over Training!! Two week plan

Up and Over

Shoes-at least two pairs to rotate
Socks-good socks that wick moisture away darn tough and smart wool
Shirt-wear the same type of shirts to prevent chafing
Water-take water with you take small amount to start then build how much you carry Trekking poles-Incredible tools to help climbing and descending use throughout training

-Trail Etiquette
Yield-foot traffic yield to horses mountain bikers yield to foot traffic
find a safe place to step off trail and let them pass when safe for YOU.
Headphones-leave one ear in and one out so that you can hear surrounding

-Watch your step
Plant feet carefully, control, falling happens.

Building YOUR program

-Small increments
Running is hard impact on your body starting from your ankle through to your hip and back down. Every spot along that chain is vulnerable to breakdown through repetition stress injuries. Gradual introduction of the consistent stress of running so that your body can adapt to running without injury is the best place to start.

-Gradual improvement of aerobic capacity and endurance
When we start running (or do any aerobic exercise) our bodies starts to adapt and make you more aerobically efficient. Aerobic adaptations are one of the cornerstones of reaching your running potential. If you already have a strong aerobic system built up the challenge will be to not push too much at first since your aerobic system might be able to withstand the stress but your musculoskeletal system may not be ready to cash that check. Don’t go too hard!!

-Consistency in training
Both your musculoskeletal system and your aerobic adapt to bouts of stress. If you go too hard or too long the probability of injury or burnout increases, especially as you start out. Since burnout or injury can prevent the body from making the necessary adaptations it is essential to build your running base slowly and allow yourself to rest and take time off. Plan your runs to be easy and comfortable each week.
Sample running plan for the next two weeks. Use this as a guide to find what works for you! Remember small and incremental steps to build the strength to adapt to the impact of running.

Monday run for 10-20 min easy pace

Tuesday run for 30-45 min easy pace

Wednesday rest day

Thursday run for 10-20 min easy pace

Friday rest day

Saturday run for 45 min easy pace

Sunday rest day

Monday run for 10-20 sprint 20 sec 3 min easy pace repeat

Tuesday run 15-30 min constant fast maintainable pace

Wednesday rest day

Thursday run 10-20 sprint 10 sec 3 min easy pace

Friday rest day

Saturday-group run

Sunday rest day

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