Consistency has been a big item on the resolution boards and we thought this is a great way to start the new year blog post off. Being consistent is not something that comes naturally to us, it can be burdensome especially at first and can also be very taxing both physically and mentally. We are going to give you a few ways to start to add more consistency in your commitment to working out and to your life.

Be Kind “I am my own worst critic”-Jeanie Cooper

When you are striving to add consistency to your life remember that being kind to yourself is the first thing you should do. Humans really are our own worst critic and its hard to stop the negative self talk, but think about it this way if all I do is beat myself up why would I want to continue? Wouldn’t it be easier and better if I just quit and so you quit and never begin to make the goal a habit and in turn become more consistent.

Let go of old self images

Sit with that one for a second. Thats a big one, right? We all have self images I’m fat, I’m lazy, I’m unhealthy and the list can go on and on but those negative self images have got to go. Believing that you are a healthy person who works out, and has good habits is a mindset that should be activated early in your process. Our minds are powerful tools and can be used for good or bad so use yours for your own good. Once you believe you are a healthy active person choosing to be health and active is no longer a though it’s an action, and you begin to live it everyday.

Focus on incremental improvements

Unfortunately you are not going to develop a positive worthwhile habit over night, it’s going to take time. Most research suggests that it takes months to develop a new habit yup that’s right months!! This means it’s going to take work and time so celebrate the small wins. Celebrating the small stuff keeps us motivated to move forward and stick with it.

Take time to Recharge

Consistency doesn’t mean you are working out all the time or what ever the life goal is. In fact, if you give yourself time off for recovery such as yoga, rolling, meditation, booking a recovery boot session you’ll improve your productivity (ability to do more reps or use more weight) and most importantly avoid burn out. As much as we love seeing you in the gym to get your sweat on we REALLY love seeing you in the gym recharging.

Focus on the process not the potential results

We find that when people come in with a result driven attitude like I’m going to loose 30lbs they quickly fall back into the negative self talk and in turn stop working out all together. When you focus on the process you become more relaxed and prone to continue rather than beating yourself up because the potential results never come as quick as you want. Focus on the process of setting a routine to go to the gym and enjoy the community, the workout, and even more importantly doing something for yourself.

Set boundaries

This applies to your actions to family, friends, and work. When setting boundaries establish first what you are willing and able to do and be realistic about what you can do. If you have committed to going to the gym twice in a week establish those days and times and set that boundary. That is your time for you, you are working on improving your life and in turn you will improve your relationships with others when you are taking the time to care for yourself.

We hope that using these tips helps you to become more consistent not only in your workouts but in other aspects of your life that you want consistency. If you are still having trouble being consistent in your workout routine then ask about our consistency membership.

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