Looking for a gym?

Every New Year people make resolutions to get in shape and most people join a traditional gym and in February they realize that they need a little help. That’s when they start looking at class based fitness studios to find a place that makes it a bit easier to get a workout in. Most studios require one thing show up the instructor handles the rest, but it’s not that easy. Here are some tips to look for when looking at joining a class based studio. 


  1. What are your goals? Make sure that your goals are inline with them. Lots of gym focus on loosing weight, fitness challenges. At Rebel we focus on teaching your movement patterns to translate into your life. Our classes build strength and stamina and get your body moving by leveraging your bodyweight against you. We also have customized training plans for what ever your goals race or life goals are. 
  2. Does it fit into your life? Do they offer classes at times that work for you and your schedule. Don’t try to arrange your life around them make sure they fit into yours. Don’t force yourself to take a morning class if you are not a morning person. Find a gym with a class time that works for you. At Rebel we start classes at 5:30am and we start our last class at 6:45pm and we offer a variety of class times in between..
  3. Where are they located? Location is key to your success we have found that if the gym is not close to or on the way to either work or home you will probably not go. There are some people that LOVE a place so much they will drive to make it happen however most of us are not willing to travel out of our way to get a workout in so find a place that is either close to work or close to home. Rebel is located on Rosemont Ave off of Broadway just north of Mountain. We have easy on and off the freeway access and are conveniently located less then a mile from downtown.
  4. Do you travel a lot for work? If you travel a lot for work you might try and find a franchise or a national gym so that you can go to any city and workout while you are on the road. Les miles, and cross fit studios across the globe are all doing the same workout every day so it provides consistency. Rebel offers travel TRXs to use in your hotel room and provides workouts for you to follow along so you don’t miss a workout. 
  5. Want to know more about them? Stock them on social media. There is no better place to get an idea of what a gym is about than through their social media page. You can get a good feel for what they focus on and what is important to them. At Rebel its important for us to foster community and to get people outside and re-connected to nature. We love to show you what you’ve been working out for by taking you outside and showing you how capable you are, and fresh air and sunshine is always nice! 
Good luck finding gym that works for you and if you are in the Albuquerque metro area and you need some help finding a gym reach out to us we would be happy to connect you to some places. 

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