About us

We are NOT about pushing supplements, meal plans, or training harder to see results. We don’t have you step on a scale to take weekly measurements so you know your working hard (we know your working hard). We ARE a gym about a lifestyle of wellness and fitness. We ARE about a healthy mindset, not a 60 day challenge of starving yourself to a few pounds.

At Rebel, we believe exercise should be something you do to achieve a level of fitness that allows you to enjoy the life you desire.

Rebel was built on 3 values: Strength – Balance – Community


At Rebel we believe that strength goes past just looking physically fit – Strength, to us means your mind and body alike are free from illness and injury, leaving room for growth. Regular exercise is a key component to strength and overall health. As a member at Rebel, we want to make it easy and fun for you to be healthy! Here are our recommendations for achieving and maintaining health:

  • You CAN do anything you put your mind to – Believe in yourself!
  • Challenge yourself everyday – Mentally and physically!
  • Find new strengths – Try new things!
  • Become active in your community – Making new friends is rewarding!


By definition, adventure is an unusual and exciting experience or activity that entails the exploration of the unknown. Rebel encourages adventure on every level! Thats why we hold monthly member outings. These outings range from bike races and camping to beer runs. At no extra cost to you, we invite you to play with us! Check the schedule for upcoming events.


We are proud members of the East Downtown ABQ and we make every effort to be involved. We love our neighbors and think you will to! If you or someone you know have ideas for charity event or any other partnership opportunity, please let us know. In the meantime please stop in and say hello to some of our following partners:

  • Hot Yoga Downtown
  • Bhava Yoga
  • Farina’s Pizza
  • Maddox Realty
  • The Grove Cafe & Market
  • Hotel Parq Central
  • Standard Diner
  • EDo Spaces
  • Artichoke Cafe
  • Fat Pipe ABQ
  • The Evolution Group