Give up the goal

Everyone, no matter where they are in their journey, is an athlete. Your journey has brought you here because you are ready to take the next step and find a gym that can help you with your journey. Everyday, athletes seek trainers and gyms to help find find a way to achieve their goal. Maybe that goal is a new edge, technique, or reaching a new level in their performance. Regardless of what you’re seeking, the first thing Rebel wants you to do is let go of your goal.

Strange right? But it’s important. Give it up! There is no magic number on the scale or race time that is going make your life feel more complete. If you become too focused on a number you will become overtrained which leads to injury and, for some people, emotional distress.

What happens when we give up the goal? We allow our workouts and our daily life to coexist in harmony. If we break away from a strict mindset and instead be open to having fun, we find that workouts become enjoyable. When we give up the goal, it’s found that we workout longer, and sometimes harder when we allow ourselves to enjoy the process. The process becomes apart of our life, we no longer think of it as “working out” rather we think of it as what we choose to do to.

We know that sounds crazy and maybe counteractive – like “if I don’t have a goal, I won’t do it I won’t train hard” or “I won’t push myself”.

But what actually happens when we approach training with the “goal in mind” attitude we can become overworked and critical of ourselves. We don’t allow for a rest day, we beat ourselves up for eating that piece of lasagna or not making it to the gym and it snowballs. We lose motivation, we lose the initial drive. We push so hard that we are constantly exhausted and the negative self talk takes over. We give up or we get injured.

Remember: Life doesn’t happen in a gym. Life is comprised of all the beautiful and wonderful adventures from enjoying an evening stroll with our loved ones to running our first race. Let go of the goal and embrace the process it’s not going to be easy, but in the end it’s going to life changing.

Up and Over Training!! Two week plan

Up and Over

Shoes-at least two pairs to rotate
Socks-good socks that wick moisture away darn tough and smart wool
Shirt-wear the same type of shirts to prevent chafing
Water-take water with you take small amount to start then build how much you carry Trekking poles-Incredible tools to help climbing and descending use throughout training

-Trail Etiquette
Yield-foot traffic yield to horses mountain bikers yield to foot traffic
find a safe place to step off trail and let them pass when safe for YOU.
Headphones-leave one ear in and one out so that you can hear surrounding

-Watch your step
Plant feet carefully, control, falling happens.

Building YOUR program

-Small increments
Running is hard impact on your body starting from your ankle through to your hip and back down. Every spot along that chain is vulnerable to breakdown through repetition stress injuries. Gradual introduction of the consistent stress of running so that your body can adapt to running without injury is the best place to start.

-Gradual improvement of aerobic capacity and endurance
When we start running (or do any aerobic exercise) our bodies starts to adapt and make you more aerobically efficient. Aerobic adaptations are one of the cornerstones of reaching your running potential. If you already have a strong aerobic system built up the challenge will be to not push too much at first since your aerobic system might be able to withstand the stress but your musculoskeletal system may not be ready to cash that check. Don’t go too hard!!

-Consistency in training
Both your musculoskeletal system and your aerobic adapt to bouts of stress. If you go too hard or too long the probability of injury or burnout increases, especially as you start out. Since burnout or injury can prevent the body from making the necessary adaptations it is essential to build your running base slowly and allow yourself to rest and take time off. Plan your runs to be easy and comfortable each week.
Sample running plan for the next two weeks. Use this as a guide to find what works for you! Remember small and incremental steps to build the strength to adapt to the impact of running.

Monday run for 10-20 min easy pace

Tuesday run for 30-45 min easy pace

Wednesday rest day

Thursday run for 10-20 min easy pace

Friday rest day

Saturday run for 45 min easy pace

Sunday rest day

Monday run for 10-20 sprint 20 sec 3 min easy pace repeat

Tuesday run 15-30 min constant fast maintainable pace

Wednesday rest day

Thursday run 10-20 sprint 10 sec 3 min easy pace

Friday rest day

Saturday-group run

Sunday rest day

Electrolyte Replacement

Why drink Electrolyte replacements?

We sweat when we workout, but our sweat isn’t just water. Since our bodies our made up of 60-75% water when we sweat, we begin to lose water fast. To avoid getting cramps, nauseous, confused, and headaches we need to replace the water we lose. How ever just drinking water alone will not replace what we lose when we sweat. In addition to water, our sweat is made up of electrolytes that contain sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. All of these minerals are used by our bodies for every day function and if we do not replace them we might have larger problems. Potassium helps prevent post-exercise exhaustion, supports intense training (like a Rebel class) and helps replenish glycogen stores by aiding in the conversion from glucose to glycogen. Low on magnesium? If so you might experience inflammation, soreness, and sleep issues. We use calcium not just in our bones but it is used for vitally important tasks such as your heart beat. Sodium however makes up 90% of the electrolytes in our sweat and plays an important role in helping our bodies perform.

Science behind our Sweat

As you sweat you lose more water than you do sodium. On average people sweat approximately 1 liter of water for every 1-2 hours of endurance exercise they perform. In every liter of sweat is about ½ to 1 teaspoon of sodium. As you exercise, your sodium level begins to rise in your blood making you feel thirsty. This thirst can only be quenched when you consume enough water to bring the sodium concentration in your blood back down, and as crazy as it sounds sometimes we need to increase the amount of sodium we consume and not rely on water alone.

But why not water alone?

When we consume just water we are not replacing everything we lost when we are sweating and it is important to replace both the fluid and the electrolytes, specifically the sodium lost in sweat, otherwise we’re going to run the risk feeling terrible. If we were to drink enough water to quench our thirst and then continue to drink water we could become hyponatremic which means that we dilute the sodium levels so low in our blood stream that we can begin to feel like crap. Feeling like crap can take on many different forms but some of the most common are headaches, nausea, fatigue, and confusion. This is why we encourage you to find an electrolyte replacement mix or beverage that works for you and your body.

What we recommend:

We highly recommend Skratch not just because we sell it but because after years of trying lots of products this product is simple, Skratch has low sugar, high sodium and real fruit for flavor. We have found the simpler something is, the easier it is for you body to absorb and process. This means the faster you can get back to working out, riding bikes, running, or just enjoying your day.
Next time you join us for a class, ask your trainer about Skratch and how it might help you replenish your electrolytes!

Wine Night!!

Our First Wine Night!! With the cold days of winter upon us our beer runs are postponed until spring so why not have a wine night we say. Join us the Friday for the 5:30 express class to be followed by wine and a little wine education.

Closed for Veterans Day…going on a hike

10K Trail 

We will be going on a hike this Veterans day so please join us if you can. Meet at Rebel at 9am departing at 9:05 so we can carpool/caravan up to the 10K trail on the back side of the Sandias. This is an amazing hike, and in our back yard!!

The weather is supposed to be nice but we will be high in elevation and much cooler start. Expect temps to be in the 40s so bring layers better to have more then not enough. Also bring lots of water and a snack. We plan on hiking for about 3 hours with no real goal in mind just enjoying the wonderful fall air.

If you’d like to meet at the trail head please arrive by 9:40 directions below:

To reach the trailhead for this hike, head east from Albuquerque on I-40, north on NM 14 for 6 miles, and up the Crest Highway (NM 536) about 11 miles to the North 10K Trail parking lot on the right (north) side of the road. This is PAST the ski base.



Jemez June 9-11th

Hello all one last change for this weekends camping adventure. It seems as though traveling to Gallup might be a bit far for a few people that will only be able to stay one night so we are going a little closer and headed to Jemez.  Its a short one hour and a half drive from the burque and still provides lots of opportunities for hiking, biking, riding and most of all enjoying camping!

We will gather at the Jemez Falls Campgrond and take over a few campsites close to each other. Please get in touch with Rosa at to let her know you are joining so we can select the right campsites for our group size.

Directions to Jemez falls campground:

Take I-25 North to Bernallio and exit on US 550 at San Ysidro take NM 4 and follow NM 4 until you see the sign for Jemez falls campground Look for Rosa and the Rebel Tent.

This campground has RV sites, water, and vault toilets, grill, fire pits, and picnic tables. Come out and enjoy some glamping.

McGaffy In Gallup NM June 9-11

We are headed to Mcgaffy for our next adventure!  This little piece of heaven is located just outside of Gallup and is tucked away in the mountains there is NO CELL service out there so please plan ahead with Rosa.  This is such a great camping spot plenty of big pine trees to set up hammocks, slack lines and just enjoy nature. For those that want a little extra there are great trails near by for ridding, running, hiking, or biking. Such a beautiful place that everyone should enjoy!! Join us for some fun and good times.

Ruidoso April 28th-30th

We are set to go camping this weekend in Ruidoso!! The weather looks like it is going to be clear and sunny with some afternoon showers so prepare for some wet weather. We will be staying at the Cedar Creek camp site and trails. Below are links to trail maps and to get an idea of where we will be. Rosa will post directions early Friday afternoon.

Please email Rosa at if you intend on going so we can anticipate who will be there and how large of a camping area to block off for us. Also email with any questions or carpooling arrangements.

Adventures with Rebel

Hello all it is time to adventure with the warmer weather upon us it is time to play and enjoy the great outdoors!!

April 28-30th-Ruidoso, NM

Our first adventure will take us down south to Ruidoso, NM!! If you have never visited this small town tucked in the hills its a great first stop for camping and relaxing. It is also super close to town so if you’d rather not camp you can always get a room and join us for hikes or rides. There is a great deal of hiking and mountain biking in the area and for those that would like white sands is a short day trip away.

May 19-21st-McGaffey, NM

McGaffey is in Gallup, NM and is another hidden gem. Tucked away among the ponderosa pines McGaffey is a quite retreat with the stars as your night light.  This campground is not close to modern amenities it would be about a 30 min drive to Gallup and you could always stay in town. This area has some of the best camping, hiking, biking western New Mexico has to offer bring your hammocks and family and enjoy. Also NO CELL SERVICE!!

June 9-10th-Durango, CO

Durango is our furthest road trip on our adventure list and it takes us to colorful Colorado!! Durango is a very busy and wonderful outdoor town with lots to do and see. We will be camping at a private camping ground and is a short drive to town for those that do not want to camp. There is plenty of biking, hiking and outdoor activities to do in this small town.

July 21-23rd-Santa Fe, NM

Stewart lake will be our destination for this adventure and we will leave the comforts of car camping behind and backpack our way up to a Alpine lake and spend the night. If you have never backpacked before this is a great first backpack trip and is one of the least visited alpine lakes in the Santa Fe area. Incredible views, captivating night sky’s and complete quite (except for the other rebels that are with you). Bring your fishing pole or fly rod great place to learn to cast or catch dinner!