Our instructors are dedicated to keeping you safe and that means they are making sure you are performing each exercise in correct form. We would rather you get 5 reps done correctly, rather than 55 simply to say you did so. Each of our instructors has completed over 100 hours of intensive instructor training on each of our pieces of equipment, along with anatomy and physiology, class composition, and form. All to ensure you are getting the best workout possible with an instructor that cares. Come and see for yourself – our workouts show it.


With over 13 years experience in the fitness industry Rosa opened Rebel Workout in 2013. Her passion lies in fitness and helping people grow by providing the tools they need to reach their goals.

After 5 years in the medical field, Rosa realized that she could have more impact on people’s lives by doing what she loved. Prior to her medical career, Rosa spent most of her life coaching and playing outdoors.



Sandra has been a Group instruct for over 3 years in the Albuquerque area. From hip shaking, body rolling, Zumba to endurance and muscle building, TRX, Sandra enjoys making workouts challenging, friendly and more importantly fun for anyone interested in trying group classes for the first time and for current members. Her hobbies include running, snow shoeing and spending time with her dog. Since joining the Rebel family in 2016, Sandra as enjoyed working with all the members to help them reach and/or maintain  their fitness goals.




Although Etan began his journey as a fitness instructor not too long ago, he has explored many aspects of the body’s capabilities through different types of fitness such as marathon running, carrying a 60% body weight bag for over hundreds of miles up and down mountains, and close full contact Krav Maga combat tactic. He strongly believes that anyone is capable of performing any task and achieving any fitness goal they set their mind to. He is honored to be a part of the fitness journey of any individual and to help them reach their goals.


Sydney is a fitness lover that believes in the power of exercise to transform a person mind, body, and soul. She loves nature, food (definitely food), yoga (she teaches that too), her two cats, and her awesome husband. She is beyond excited and grateful to be apart of the Rebel family.



Is our first gym dog! She encourages every member in every class…to scratch her butt and let her sit on them. She is not always in the gym but she does join for most adventures and outings she is a true boxer and loves to play even at the ripe age of 77 she plays like a pup.



Is our first ever adventure cat! He is always about the adventure so if you see him in the window be ready for him to want to adventure outside. Creature is not always in the gym but when he is he watches with cat like curiosity…or he is plotting how to take everyone out. He does join for most adventures and outings.


Bam Bam:

Bam Bam joined the Rebel family in December 2016 and enjoys socializing with other dogs and people. His hobbies include digging holes in his backyard and rolling in the grass. He frequently visits the gym to encourage members to workout and sometimes just stops by to say “HI”! He looks forward to all of the outdoor adventures to come with his buddies Tasha and Creature.




She is the newest addition to the Rebel Family and is learning quickly that everyone here needs some puppy love every now and again. She is a bit timid at first but give her a second and she will warm right up.