7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Committing to Your 2019 Fitness Goals

The new year is quickly approaching and with that 2019 resolutions are at the forefront of our mind. If this year your resolution is to get back in shape and start a workout program, start by asking yourself some questions. If you can answer these questions before signing up at a gym then you will have a higher chance of finding a facility that will help you become consistent and happy to workout.

How familiar are you with type of exercise you want?

This one is probably the most difficult one for us to answer. Some people have years of experience exercising and can come up with a workout routine in no time. For others, it might have been years since the last time they were in a gym, and others have never been in a gym in their entire life. If you have never been in a gym or it has been years you should look into personal training or into group fitness classes. In both these cases, you will be under supervision that will prevent you from injury.

After 5 years of Rebel classes, we have found that people come to us after they have been injured or just don’t know what to do when they go to a gym. Our small class sizes allow for our trainers to focus on proper body alignment and creating diverse workouts to prevent injury. Choose a gym that fits your level of familiarity of exercise to help you stay safe and feel comfortable hitting the gym!  

Are you self motivated?

Being self motivated is extremely important when signing up at a traditional gym. You have to be motivated to get to the gym, have a workout plan, execute that plan, do the exercises in correct form to prevent injury while navigating machines. Plus, with the new year crowds, be ready to change your workout plan when a machine is not available. If self motivation is tough for you, finding a class that is challenging and keeps you motivated is key to achieving your goals. Rebel’s group classes take the planning out of it for you! All you have to do is show up, the rest is up to us.

What’s your ideal workout environment?

This can have a huge impact on your motivation to workout. If you feel comfortable in a large environment with lots of people a gym with swimming pools, basketball courts and all the bells and whistles, then a traditional gym might be your cup of tea. These facilities are great for getting a bit of everything in and cater to a wide range of people. If you would prefer to be in a place that feels a little more like Cheers, where you walk in and people know your name, then seek out a non-traditional gym that offers that type of community. Rebel chooses to keep classes small to create a more welcoming environment to help you feel comfortable when powering through your workout!

What kind of program do you need?

After understanding your goals, decide on what do you need from a facility in terms of programming. Various programing can include competition training, full meal plan and workout regimens. While, others offer programming for functional fitness (meaning exercise for life). Knowing what you want is key and knowing if this is something you can do for the rest of your  life is the other key.

Answering the above three questions were extremely important to understand what you need and want from a facility. Now lets answer some questions about the facility themselves to discover what type of gym is best for you.


Where are they located? We have found that people will make the drive if they really love the facility but only for a short period of time. So consider, is this facility close to either your home or work? It is much easier to say I can swing to the gym on my way home before or after work if it is on the way. We have a much higher rate of members consistently showing up to workout if it is part of their normal routine so look for a facility that is close to work or home.

What type of programming is out there?

If you are seeking a traditional gym, make sure their hours work for you. Make sure that they have the equipment you want and will use regularly safely and effectively. If you are seeking a group fitness studio do they offer everything you want from cardio to weight training and how long have there instructors trained for. To get certified in many forms of group teaching, facilities can hire someone that is certified to teach after an 8 hour training session. Our recommendation is to make sure that instructors have at least 100 hours of training and certifications prior to teaching classes. This will help you stay safe and ensure you are being instructed by someone who can correct your form to prevent injury.  

What type of programming do they promote?

Traditional gyms are a little harder to pinpoint down in the programming that they promote. Typically, they are great place for the self motivated person that just needs a place to get in workout and get out. They usually offer a classes that appeal to and serve a wide variety of people. Smaller facilities usually promote their programming by targeting a more specific group.

The key question here is, what they promoting and offering? Is this something you can do for life? For a season? The hardest answer to find is, can you do this type of workout for life and be honest. There are some programs that are a great catalyst for weight loss but eventually will fail to keep us active for life. Knowing that when signing up can make all the difference between negative self talk and another year of feeling bad for “not going to the gym” and finding a place that becomes your gym for life and a place that you are happy to go to. 

In the end the gym should be a place that you feel comfortable going to even on days you just don’t want to. The workouts should challenge you and motivate you and you should know that the instructors are well trained and have your safety and health in mind. Have fun and enjoy this year as your year to get back into shape. We hope that you find gym that works for you!